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Welcome to C.W. Silver - Offering service and repair on your toughest electrical assets

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For well over 90 years, C.W. Silver has been repairing and servicing motors, drives, generators, welders, and other electrical equipment for customers in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Denver, and other western states. CW Silver blends expert technical excellence with the personal attention beyond what you would expect.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and variety of services offered.

CW Silver's responsive service and technical support teams assures timely resolution of your field problems and extends your equipment's life. We specialize in electric motor, variable frequency drive, backup generator and electric welder service and repair.  By offering 24/7 emergency field service, maintaining a staff of well trained technicians, and using state-of-the-art equipment, we are there for our customers: any day - any time - any where.

We now offer custom Total Electrical Asset Management.   With a focus on providing lasting solutions instead of selling part numbers, CW Silver uses its many preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, testing, and service and repair capabilities to help you choose and maintain the correct solutions to your electrical issues.

How C.W. Silver Will Take Care of You

24/7 Emergency Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • C.W. Silver understands that not all outages can be scheduled. That is why we have round-the-clock expert technicians ready to work on any electrical issue that may occur at any time.

    90+ Years Open
  • Repairing Motors, Drives, Generators, and Welders since 1917
  • C.W. Silver has seen the evolution of motors, drives, generators, and welders and has consistently proven our dedication to expertise and customer service. C.W. Silver has the experience to help solve any electrical equipment problem that you might encounter.

    easa pic
  • Certified EASA Motor Repair Shop
  • C.W. Silver respects the EASA codes and follows them at all times. We are dedicated to quality service through tough standards.  We will repair your equipment with the highest care and quality.

    green motors pic
  • Member of the Green Motors Repair Group
  • C.W. Silver is the only motor repair company in Utah that have met and continue to meet the strict "green motor repair" guidelines. We take special care to make the smallest negative impact on the environment as possible. We care about and recognize the importance of sustainable practices.

    Total Electrical Asset Management
  • Offer Total Electrical Asset Management
  • C.W. Silver and the rest of the Energy Management Corporation family works together to offer complete electrical asset management. We have the necessary tools and capabilities to manage your electrical system from day one. With full lines from some of the most respected manufacturers in the electrical industry and service capabilities that our competition does not offer, we have the ability to manage your expensive electrical assets for optimum performance.

    Highlighted Service - Arc Flash Services

    Arc Flash Services

    An Arc Flash event can cause temperatures four times the heat of the sun, can blow the sound and pressure of a jet engine, and spew molten metal and shrapnel. Protect you and your employees today, contact us for a free quote.

    Click Here to Learn More About Arc Flash

    Highlighted Service - Dry Ice Blasting

    Dry Ice Blaster

    Dry Ice Blasting is the latest service C.W. Silver offers as part of our ever expanding list of capabilities and expertise. The Dry Ice Blaster is a safe and clean method to clean your electric motors, variable frequency drives, backup power generators, electric welders, and all other electrical equipment.

    Learn about how this environmentally safe cleaning method works

    Learn about how the dry ice blaster compares with other cleaning methods
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