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We are Your Motor Repair Facility. We Can Repair Your Motors Quickly For Low Prices.

Expert Motor Repair

CW Silver has been in the motor repair and field service business since 1917.  Our unique capabilities, expert service, and special customer service have kept us sustained this long and sets us apart from the competition.   We can work on all sizes and types of motors, including servo-motors.  We are also a full authorized warranty facility for most brands.

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Motor Repair Capabilities

  • Dynamic balancing equipment to insure minimum vibration and a longer bearing life
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI), Class H 100% Solid Polyester Resin
  • UL certification for rewinding and repairing explosion proof motors
  • Stator Core Loss Tester to detect hidden damage to the stator
  • Temperature controlled burnout oven to prevent core damage
  • Full voltage testing to 4160 V. 3 phase & 1000 volt DC
  • Inverter duty rewinds on all random wound AC motors
  • Computerized core testing & winding data verification
  • Rotor shafts, keyways & pulley seats repair
  • Full preventative maintenance capabilities
  • Surge comparison testing to 12,000 volts
  • Armature rewinding, random & form coil
  • Commutator turning and undercutting
  • Dynamometer load testing to 500 HP
  • Electric equipment pickup & delivery
  • Computerized coil making machine
  • DC HI Pot testing to 15,000 volts
  • Full mechanical machining repairs
  • Dynamic balancing to 10,000 lbs.
  • 1600 volt spike resistant wire
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • On site inspections & repairs
  • Polarized index testing
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermal imaging
  • Laser alignment
  • On-site training
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Oil analysis
  • View a comprehensive list of motor repair capabilities

  • Dynamic Balancing Burn Oven Computerized Core Test Loss Shell Blasting
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    EASA - Electrical Apparatus Service Association

    CW Silver is one of the founding members of The Mountain Empire Chapter of the EASA organization. CW Silver's employees have played and continue to serve on chapter, regional, national, and international levels of EASA. EASA does a very good job of education members in state-of-the-art technologies and keeps members up to date on changes.  

    EASA holds the industry members to a strict code of conduct and expertise which is a benefit we pass on to our customers.

    Electrical Apparatus Service AssociationRegistered and Fully-Participating member of EASA

    Green Motors

    CW Silver's repair of NEMA Premium motors meet or exceed all NEMA Premium and CEE requirements for energy efficiency. They maintain exceedingly high breakdown and locked rotor torque while providing the highest rated efficiency levels.

    Rocky Mountain Power recently recognized Energy Management Corporation for their efforts in energy conservation through green motors.

    Green Motors OrganizationRegistered and Fully-Participating member of The Green Motors Group

    Motor Repair Resources

    To Find Direct Current Single Phase Three Phase
    Horsepower (E x I x EFF)/746 (E x I x EFF x PF)/746 (1.732 x E x I x EFF x PF)/746
    Current (746 x hp)/(E x EFF) (746 x hp)/E x EFF x PF) (746 x hp)/1.732 x E x EF x PF)
    Efficiency/td> (746 x hp)/(E x I) (746 x hp)/(E x I x PF) (746 x hp)/(1.732 x E x I x PF)
    Power Factor - Input watts/(E x I) Input Watts/(1.732 x E x I)
    Amperess (I) Watts/E Watts/(E x PF) Watts/(1.732 x I x PF)
    Volt Amperes - E x I 1.732 x E x I
    Watts E x I E x I x PF 1.732 x E x I x PF
    E = Volts          EFF = Efficiency (decimal)          HP = Horsepower
    I = Amperes     PF = Power factor (decimal)

    We are also a full line distributor

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    Download the Motor & Generator Shop Competitive Comparison brochure
    See how our motor and generator repair shop capabilities stand up to our competitors' capabilities.

    Download the Inverter Duty Motor Rewind brochure
    Understand the extensive process and fantastic benefits of inverter duty rewinds on your repaired motors.

    Download the Industrial Electronics & Engineering Services brochure
    This brochure highlights some of the more common services we offer.

    Download an Energy Management Corporation Line card
    Learn about the many other quality products and services Energy Management Corporation provides. From Motors, Drives, and Generators to Electrical Asset Management testing capabilities, Energy Management Corporation has the capabilities to create solutions for your electrical issues.

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